Artemis Design, Inc.
Artemis Design, Inc.

Consulting Services

Design. Develop. Grow. 


Due to over-complexity and chaos, much is missed when a business is growing and evolving.


Learn about what those elements are when you are exploring the management of growth and development no matter what the size business or enterprise.


These three usually missing main components  can make an environment go from just acceptable to excellent.


Interior Environment

Established reputation for creating sustainable commercial and residential interior environments, furniture, and objects for those environments.


Use of innovative materials, finishes, and product for unique interiors that really work and stay working.  


From classic traditional environments to leading edge spaces for personal, professional and business growth.


Decorative Arts

Award winning live and artificial floral, sculptural, and painted creations to accent any environment or event.


Highly customized artistic work that appeals directly to the senses and emotions.  


The perfect ornamental answer to any residential or professional space. Or special occasion, weddings included!


Creativity Workshops

Let's tap into creative energy.  Imagination is the #1 most underused of our capabilities.


Expand your creativity by igniting your own and/or your employees' imaginations.


Where does your mind's eye "internal tv set" take you? What does it show you?  Can you make it change and alter?


Learn to use your perception and intuition by observation, connections, and more.  




A New York native, Tracy McKay's love of creating:  interior environments, artwork, painting, photography, florals, etc., has been procured by businesses and homeowners for the last 30+ years.  After receiving her Bachelors degree in Environmental Design from prestigous Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), she honed her skills at one of the top design firms in the Rochester, NY area.  


Moving to Pennsylvania in 1988, by 1991 she had incorporated her own full service design firm, Artemis Design, Inc.  Her abilities created memorable interiors throughout the surrounding counties.  In 2003, she and a business partner created Furniture Soup, Inc. to provide design services with pre-owned, remanufactured, and new office furniture.  Furniture Soup was awarded the Berks Chamber of Commerce's Entrepeneur of the Year Award and Reading's Top 50 Businesses recognition.


By mid 2014, she parted with Furniture Soup to get back to a repositioned Artemis Design, Inc. to create more indepth interior and product design with more unlimited resources, but, also to develop an integral business consulting service.  The consulting grew from experiences of the years of watching businesses miss vital understanding and data on organization vs. environment, and their own creativity.   Always exploring new ways to make things, Tracy's expertise have helped clients transform below ordinary spaces into places they love to work and reside in.


She is involved in drawing, silk painting, painting, and photography.  Her artwork is presented in  her clients environments. As an active member of the Garden Club of Reading, PA, her floral arrangements have won best of show and blue ribbons in the Philadelphia Harvest Show and Philadelphia Flower Show. These floral and sculptural designs have enhanced many interiors.  Presentations and programs relating to "thinking creatively" have entertained and educated even the highest of flower show school judges. 


Tracy's art and design expertise has been quoted in the local newsapers, Reading Eagle and the Pottstown Mercury,  local magazine Berks County Living and in chamber of commerce's correspondence. Memberships include the local and surrounding chambers of commerce and with some "think tank" groups.


Believing in a balance of individual alignment and collaboration, mentoring and sharing resources, that leads to better designs of environments and experiences for the individual and organization alike.  Always a friend and promoter of all artistic endeavors, she especially employs her own imagination and experimentation as a segue to creative and fulfilled living.