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Are you doing the right thing?

The 3 things that are typically missing from a design of an environment:


Humans require more than just a functional space.


The psychological need is typically neglected.


The spaces are commonly left inflexible.


A business evolving is like breathing: inhale and exhales, expansion and contraction.  Do you know how to adapt your attitude, people, and environment to the development of your business consistently? Are you limiting flexibility and reducing your chances of finding a better solution?


An investment in knowledge always pays the highest returns. - Benjamin Franklin


An enhanced design process achieves better outcomes.  It is practical and experimental, not just academic and measurable.  If the design process is too prescriptive, it presents a limited and strictly utilitarian view of possibilities. 


With strong innovation and vision, Artemis Design can create beautiful, livable or workable spaces that go beyond meeting the client's aethetic, functional, and economic goals while respecting the environment.


It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. - Charles Darwin



What is Evidence Based Design?

Great interior design is more than filling a space with furniture and furnishings. There is a spacial and communicative relationship with people and the things that they cohabit with. The design has an increased understanding of what end users expect from their environment. 


Perfect design does not reflect mere trends. It reflects credible research and individual desires which are the desires of the enterprise also.  Its occupants are under less stress, acquire better focus, and are typically more creative and content.


The objective fills the utilitarian functional needs. The subjective fills the senses, emotions and an aesthetic level.


The space is flexible, less stressful, responds to the psychological and social needs of the people using it as well as the physical need.  With cooperation of the senses and by understanding the influence of each of the senses on people, the designer can create the most appropriate type of space for the client's needs.


A perfect design process incorporates environmental design research or newly coined "evidence based design"*. With the integrative nature of design, a feature, like a window for example, can have positive and negative attributes. These observant practices are part of an enhanced process. This, in combination with new experimentation and past solid solutions, creates a stronger overall design solution.


*Michael Phiri; author, researcher, teacher and my hero for researching this design method.

What is a truly creative space?

Innovation is nonexistent without creativity.


Creativity needs no glorification. It is one of the distinctions of being human. It is not a simple matter, but, that does not mean that it is unattainable.


When we are being creative, there is a sense of living fully, being more present, than in the rest of our day.  Its outcome, either directly or indirectly adds to our lives, our work, our world.


Creativity typically involves the crossing of the boundaries of domains. For instance, a practicing corporate lawyer who is also a jazz musician.  A manufacturing plant engineer who also invents.  The nurse practicianer who cooks amazing meals and does their own landscaping.  The ballet dancer who changes career to become an international mediator.


Specialization loosens and generalization grows and both can thrive together. In other words, think in terms of a "Renaissance" man or woman in both personal and professional development. 


Creativity is enhanced easier by changing conditions in an environment than by trying to make people think more creatively.  The creative thinking will follow suit once the psychological and physical is more suited towards it.  


Taylor an environment for people with the attention to learn, experiment, see parrallels and juxtapositions.  There is an attitude that allows a person to manipulate their knowledge and experience to search for ideas.  And, it can be yours.