Artemis Design, Inc.
Artemis Design, Inc.

Decorative Arts

Unique decorative arts that include:


Award winning beautiful floral designs for personal and professional settings.  

Totally unique bridal bouquets and accompanying pieces.

Silk paintings with realistic or abstracted patterns and subjects.

Watercolors and acryllics on paper and/or canvases.

Photography of nature, from large expansive scenery to close ups of the inside of a flower.

Business and personal, paper or digital marketing pieces; hand drawn, photography, graphics, layout, and verse.




black orchid

silk wall piece



beautiful holiday

winter wedding



oriental style

corporate floral



continuous seasonal

floral display



versatile modern



winter holiday beauty



soft and elegant with a little bling

winter wedding



unique coming out card

The Crooked Arrow greeting cards



winter holiday card

The Crooked Arrow greeting cards


autumn power lines, Quakertown, PA 



summer sunset, Homer, Alaska




frosted landscape, Bristol, NY